Books by Peter D. Sieruta

Released: Aug. 5, 2014

"Though it's unlikely to reach far beyond children's-literature scholars and enthusiasts, it will offer that audience a whole lot of enjoyment and no small amount of edification. (Nonfiction. 14 & up)"
A chatty inside look at some of the stories that have shaped modern children's literature. Read full book review >

An outstanding collection of nine stories about teen-agers. A nerd is envious of his suave older brother, who has successfully wooed the girl the nerd adores. A boy in a family of 13 gets his turn, by family tradition, to have a private bedroom during his senior year; his initial withdrawal from the family is succeeded by renewed affection by year's end. An overweight girl admires a superior athlete willing to give up her own chances in a race in order to push a disabled, wheelchair-bound student through the course. An honor student finds his academic career shattered by the sarcasm of a substitute teacher—did he, possibly, deserve the relentless criticism? Each experience is related in a distinct, unique voice by a well-delineated character. The situations are convincing, the stories immediate and compelling; and the humor engaging. These should be widely enjoyed, and would be especially appropriate to stimulate discussion. Read full book review >