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PETLANDIA by Peter Hannan
Released: April 28, 2015

"Nick Bruel's books about Bad Kitty and Puppy are far better treatments of the theme than this tired outing. (Humor. 6-9)"
Petlandia: utopia or P-U-topia? Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 1, 2011

Freddy will be the first to say he screws things up…well, not the first—that would be Babette, his evil older sister. She delights in comparing her perfect report cards to Freddy's less-than-perfect ones by doing dramatic readings at dinner. In order to get to the newest report cards first, Freddy prepares a terrifying belch-symphony for Babette. Unbeknownst to any of the family, this draws extraterrestrial attention. One night they are abducted from their beds and zipped away to the planet Flurb, where retiring King Wormola has appointed Freddy his successor…much to royal wizard Wizbad's (not to mention Babette's) chagrin. Can Freddy survive the worshipful adoration of the bizarre Flurbians—not to mention a planet where the buildings are alive, his second-in-command wants him dead and laughter is prized above even Yootleturds? Hannan, author of the Super Goofballs series and creator of Nickelodeon's animated series CatDog, kicks off a new series of absurdly snarky and gross middle-grade novels aimed at those who don't like to read but love a good burp joke. Useful, if not for every reader. (Science fiction/humor. 6-10)Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 1, 2007

Redolent with olfactory humor, this heavily illustrated series kickoff from a TV cartoonist introduces an array of oddly abled superheroes, then pits them against a pair of gassy opponents. Having eluded the deadly Hyper Bad Breath Rays of Queen Smellina the Shrieking Stinkbug, young Amazing Techno Dude and his elderly guardian Bodacious Backwards Woman pack her off to jail (or so they think). They then take on a parade of boarders including the likes of Super Vacation Man (who can Time Share his way to being two places at once, every third weekend), the Impossibly Tough Two-Headed Infant, SuperSass CuteGirl and (shades of Captain Underpants) Mighty Tighty Whitey. Though Dude finds the quarrelsome new arrivals major pains to live with, they're there in the clutch after Queen Smellina escapes and acquires a sidekick in the alienated Fabian the Fabulous Flatulent Fellow. Comparable to the late, unlamented "Barf-O-Rama" series in style, appeal and, probably, lifespan. (Fantasy. 9-11)Read full book review >