Books by Peter L. Bernstein

Peter L. Bernstein’s nine books include the worldwide bestseller Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk. Bernstein is also an economic consultant and publisher of Economics and Portfolio Strategy, a semi-monthly letter for institutional investors.

Released: Jan. 1, 2005

"One corner of the great American panorama enlarged to highlight its starry-eyed visionaries, political machinations, indefatigable ingenuity, and cockeyed optimism. (20 line drawings, not seen)"
Crisp, insightful history of the canal that transformed New York into the Empire State and the US into an economic powerhouse. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 4, 2000

"A mine of information for lovers of bezants, florins, dinars and ducats—and for those who wonder how a shiny metal came to decorate, then dominate, the world."
A glittering history of the prominence of gold in the world economy and the human imagination. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 18, 1996

"A dense but compelling model of how the world works."
A history of probability from an economist and author of a history of Wall Street (Capital Ideas, 1991). Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 16, 1991

A savvy appreciation of how a small band of disinterested academics has revolutionized the way Wall Street and its offshore counterparts manage the world's investment wealth. Read full book review >