Books by Peter M. Fiore

KEEPER FOR THE SEA by Kimberley Smith Brady
Released: Oct. 1, 1996

Brady's first children's book is a low-key story of a fishing adventure shared by a girl and her grandfather that effectively conveys the moods of their outing, from the excitement of the catch to their awe for the natural world. The pair slip out before daybreak, and the girl, who is perhaps seven, is a little fearful as they venture out into the dark. They await the arrival of a flock of terns that follow the ``fighting blues,'' fierce, sharp-toothed fish. Grandfather explains how the terns feed on herring that the blues stir up in the water, and he casts his line to hook a magnificent fish. After the catch at dawn, they decide it's a ``keeper for the sea'' and return it to the water. The child narrates in the first-person, but, disconcertingly, some of her words are phrased in the poetic constructions of an adult. ``Soon the sleepy night begins to stir, as softly swishing waves quicken to slams and the mumbled breeze shifts to a howl.'' Lush oil paintings with deep tones of blue and green glorify the magical and mysterious world of the night. An intimate scene as the two prepare the fishing rod is painted against a vast starry sky, while one particularly masterful spread—of the upturned faces of the fisher folk as they watch the sky—builds anticipation. (Picture book. 5-8) Read full book review >