Books by Peter Macinnis

Peter Macinnis, a science writer, has also been a teacher and museum animator. The author of 20 books for adults and children, including Bittersweet: The Story of Sugar, he has appeared on radio and television in his native Australia. He now works for an

Released: May 12, 2005

"Never quite jells into a coherent work, but its many individual parts are great fun to read."
An entertaining potpourri about poison: anecdotes, history, lore, science and trivia. Read full book review >
BITTERSWEET by Peter Macinnis
Released: May 1, 2003

"Lively and entertaining: a splendid saga for the general reader. (6 maps)"
From Australian science writer and broadcaster Macinnis, an informative and readable history of the simple substance that changed the world and often brought out the worst in people. Read full book review >