Books by Peter Theroux

YALO by Elias Khoury
by Elias Khoury, translated by Peter Theroux
Released: Jan. 1, 2008

"Khoury's unsparing portrayal of a man without a country, a history or even an identity dominates this deceptively intricate novel."
The "confession" of an ingenuous, conflicted foot soldier in Lebanon's recent (1975-90) civil war forms the complex subject of this 2002 novel from that country's internationally acclaimed author (Gate of the Sun, 2006, etc.). Read full book review >
NAPHTALENE by Alia Mamdouh
Released: July 1, 2005

"A pungent, episodic glimpse of childhood in a patriarchal society: sometimes obscure but often intense and lyrical. (Naphtalene is the author's second novel, originally published in 1986 by an Egyptian press. It is also the first by an Iraqi woman to appear in the U.S.)"
A strong-willed girl's life in 1950s Baghdad, depicted by an award-winning Iraqi writer. Read full book review >