Books by Peter Utton

THE WITCH’S HAND by Peter Utton
Released: Jan. 1, 2001

A dried and crumbling object tacked to the wall inspires a father to spin a frightening tale for his young son. Spying the crinkly brown thing hanging over his father's desk, George begs him to tell him the story, but his father refuses, telling him that it's too scary. George is persistent and his father relents, explaining that the thing over the desk is really a witch's hand. Apparently, the night before, as George and his brother slept, a witch crept into their room and attempted to steal them away. Luckily George's father and mother kept their wits and managed to battle the witch with a special witch sword (from the broom closet). After defeating the witch and slicing off her hand, they decided to tack it to the wall as a reminder to keep the doors locked. George is shaken by the scary story, but his father laughs and explains that it was just a story and the "witch's hand" is just a dead leaf. Splashy watercolors help to set the mood, creating a watery witch who isn't quite solid and a goofy dad whose pajama bottoms keep slipping down even as he hangs on to the wart-nosed, green-faced creature. This is sure to add a bit of excitement to any young reader's bookshelf. (Picture book. 4-7)Read full book review >