Books by Philip Callow

LOUIS by Philip Callow
Released: April 6, 2001

"These stylistic tics, along with strained comparisons with the subjects of Callow's other biographies, suggest that the author is addressing no audience other than himself."
Another literary biography from an English novelist who has taken on Chekhov, Lawrence, and Whitman in the past. Read full book review >
CHEKHOV by Philip Callow
Released: May 15, 1998

"Interested readers would benefit more from their own reading of Chekhov, or from the more stimulating biographies of Donald Rayfield or V.S. Pritchett. (illustrations, not seen)"
This new offering in the expanding and increasingly noteworthy field of Chekhov studies lacks both the original scholarship and the intellectual depth of other recent studies. Read full book review >
LOST EARTH by Philip Callow
Released: Sept. 1, 1995

"An unfortunate biography, written in Irving Stone mode. (8 pages photos and color plates, not seen)"
A lame and unscholarly life of a major artist, by novelist and biographer Callow (From Noon to Starry Night: A Life of Walt Whitman, 1992, etc.). Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 11, 1992

Here, Callow (Son and Lover, 1975) finds Walt Whitman to be mysterious, evasive, contradictory—a ``psychological oddity'' whose very confessions, revelations, and disclosures created a ``thicket of identities'' that further obscured his real self. Read full book review >