Books by Philip Goldberg

Released: Nov. 2, 2010

"For budding mahatmas, a worthy and vigorous introduction, though less well-written than its closest Buddhist counterpart, Rick Fields's How the Swans Came to the Lake (1981)."
Of gurus, maharajas, swamis and the other practitioners who have come to American shores bringing "India's leading export"—Hinduism, that is. Read full book review >
THE BEST THAT I CAN BE by Rafer Johnson
Released: Aug. 17, 1998

"Never an ego-driven man, Johnson is perhaps the most undervalued, underpublicized sports hero in recent memory. (8 pages b&w photos, not seen) (Author tour)"
A diverting autobiography by the 1960 Olympic decathlon champion, told with equal parts grace, humility, and candor. Read full book review >
THIS IS NEXT YEAR by Philip Goldberg
Released: March 1, 1992

Time was, the National League Dodgers team belonged to Brooklyn and Brooklyn belonged to ``the Bums.'' First-novelist Goldberg here takes a super-sentimental journey back to 1955, the last glory days of Ebbets Field, and builds a chummy family sitcom around game high points—and low. Read full book review >