Books by Philippe Lechermeier

Released: June 1, 2010

Readers are not likely to find a stranger aggregation of variegated princesses than in this fantastical collection of royal predilections and whims. This French import examines 34 fictitious princesses and their preferences, taboos, traits and oddities. Along the way it also gives advice on dancing, fans, princess etiquette and a host of amusing ephemera and enticements. For instance, Princess Tangri-la "dresses wildly, without care" and adores dancing; her "bio" is accompanied by a short, idiosyncratic exposition on dance. This book begs readers to pore over its miniscule details at length, to say nothing of Dautremer's lushly rendered illustrations, which require repeated viewings. Too long for the preschool/early-elementary set and appearing at first glance to be too young for the chapter-book readers, it fails to fit easily into familiar categories, however. It may fare best among those children with a taste for the strange, eclectic and beautiful who have room in their brains for a little outsized creativity. Consider handing it to those kids with a penchant for the impossible. A beautiful affair that requires a special kind of audience. (Picture book. 7-11)Read full book review >