Books by Phillip Fickling

Released: Oct. 1, 2004

To Shulman's daffy tale of a boy and his robot pal off on a quest for proper role models for their newly-assembled dog, Fickling contributes both digitally created, Jimmy Neutron-style illustrations, and a cleverly designed punch-out paper spacecraft tucked into a rear pocket. Inspired by old Lassie broadcasts, Fillmore uses machines in his uncle's Invention Room to create "Sbot"—who comes off the conveyor belt, politely shakes hands, then wanders off in search of some tasty motor oil. "He's NOT a robot!" growls Geary, stung. "He's just a very bad dog." So how should a good dog act? Fillmore and Geary borrow Uncle's spaceship and, with capable Sbot at the controls, zoom off for encounters with dino-sized pups on one planet, spike-collared wolf-dogs on another, and similar misadventures. Arriving on Earth (New York City), they find proper exemplars at last—then realize just in time that a spaceship pilot makes a better pet than a tail-chasing drooler any day. Even confirmed dog-lovers, human or otherwise, will undoubtedly agree. (Picture book. 7-9)Read full book review >