Books by Piotr Wilkon

ESCAPE FROM THE ZOO! by Piotr Wilkon
Released: April 15, 1993

Though old Matthew the zookeeper has checked all the locks, somehow the animals escape to wander the city, where, to Matthew's astonishment, no one seems surprised to see them mingling with the pedestrians, while a rhino helps itself to a child's ice cream and an elephant plays in a fountain. Read full book review >

NOAH'S ARK by Piotr Wilkon
by Piotr Wilkon, translated by Rosemary Lanning, illustrated by Wilkon
Released: Sept. 15, 1992

A trivialization—with a European flavor—of the familiar story. Read full book review >

Released: April 1, 1991

"This story by the well-known illustrator's son is unexceptional in outline but mildly satisfying as told—especially with the help of the senior Wilkon's lively, scruffy, huge-eyed kittens, alert and curious on every page. Nice, but not essential. (Picture book. 2-6)


Three kittens explore the world: first their tails, then the house and barn, where they scare a mouse, finally outdoors, where they chase a hen and a rabbit but a dog frightens them—until Mama Cat makes him turn tail. Read full book review >

Proud of their heritage of all-black cats, Casper and Carolina are not pleased to give birth to an orange kitten who is also a nonconformist in every other way. Read full book review >