Books by P.N. Elrod

Released: May 19, 2015

"With gasp-inducing twists and turns, Alex's adventures in alt-London artfully combine the mysteries of Arthur Conan Doyle with the strange delights of H.G. Wells. A robust and clever breakout novel."
Seers and psychics rule Victorian London in this sharp-witted gaslamp fantasy novel from veteran writer Elrod (The Vampire Files, Volume 5, 2012, etc.).Read full book review >
HIS FATHER’S SON by Nigel Bennett
Released: April 1, 2001

Another adventure in the series, following Keeper of the King (1997), featuring Toronto security consultant Richard Dun. Long ago, Richard was Sir Lancelot, Knight of the Round Table; he's still alive, or, rather, undead, because he's also a vampire. His sidekick is Sabra, vampire and once priestess of the goddess, Lady of the Lake; their story alternates between post-Roman times and modern Toronto. Actor Bennett has teamed up with Elrod, the author of another successful vampire gumshoe series (The Dark Sleep, 1999, etc.). Okay for fans of the series; browsers may well find the combination of King Arthur with vampires one unlikely complication too many.Read full book review >
Released: June 1, 1998

Hardcover outing for this established series entitled The Vampire Files, from the author of another vampire yarn (Keeper of the King, 1997, with Nigel Bennett). This one's a gumshoe/vampire hybrid set in 1937 Chicago, where Jack Fleming, once a hard-nosed reporter, is now a vampire p.i. caught in the middle of post-Prohibition gang warfare. Jack's partner is a professorial Englishman, Charles Escott, while his girlfriend Bobbi sings in a nightclub owned by good-guy gangster Gordy. Elrod takes us right into the middle of the furious but deft plotting and brisk, believable action. Big-time mobster Vaughn Kyler, having kidnapped rival Frank Paco, is now dead; Angola Paco has retrieved her father but, unfortunately, Frank's gone gaga. The Paco gang won't accept Angela as their boss, however, so she's forced to use Frank as a mouthpiece. Neither is Angela particular about who gets hurt as she takes revenge on the remnants of Kyler's outfit. The latter—problematically for Jack, Angela, and everybody else—have requested the presence of ruthless Irish mobster Sean Sullivan from New York. Snappy vampire-with-a-conscience yarn, laced with a blackish humor that comes in somewhere between wry and wisecracking. Read full book review >
KEEPER OF THE KING by Nigel Bennett
Released: Jan. 1, 1997

A vampire Lancelot battles to save Canada's prime minister from a vampire assassin: The publisher's Starline imprint features novels by actors (Bennett appears in the series Forever Knight) and collaborators. Back in post-Roman Britain, warrior Richard d'Orleans is smitten, then bitten by the beautiful Sabra, vampire priestess of the Goddess, and becomes the Lancelot of legend. Now, as Toronto security consultant Richard Dun, he's called in by the police to thwart the planned assassination of the prime minister by an IRA-paid hit man. He keeps running into striking but suspicious Irishwoman Sharon Geary—is she IRA?—and gradually learns that the hit man, code-named Charon, is Professor Neal Rivers—another vampire! Further complications ensue when Sabra admits that she's turning into a monster and can be saved only by the healing powers of the Holy Grail, hidden at Glastonbury hundreds of years ago by Sabra herself. Moves at a fair pace, with lots of action and gore and an agreeable distaff lead; pity about the dim-witted hero, who invariably does something stupid at the crucial moment. Read full book review >