Books by Polk Street Press

SPATTER & SPARK by Deborah Underwood
Released: Feb. 21, 2013

"Regardless of which reading mode is chosen, this app has one speed: s-l-o-w. (for iPad 2 and above) (iPad storybook app. 2-5)"
A peppy yet, paradoxically, painfully slow story about a porcupine on an artistic quest. Read full book review >
GOODNIGHT SAFARI by Luciana Navarro  Powell
Released: Jan. 11, 2012

"A simple, lovely lullaby. (iPad storybook app. 1-4)"
A mellow bedtime book about baby animals preparing to sleep. Read full book review >
12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS by Lesley Breen  Withrow
Released: Dec. 6, 2011

"Though the app is reasonably well done, it can't help but perpetuate a seemingly endless musical loop that's reminiscent of '99 Bottles of Beer' or 'It's a Small World.' That said, it's a suitable choice for those who love the song, if potentially crazy-making for everyone else. (iPad storybook app. 2-7)"
An interactive audio/visual sing-along. Read full book review >