Books by Priscilla Royal

THE TWICE-HANGED MAN  by Priscilla Royal
Released: Aug. 6, 2019

"The 15th adventure for Royal's clever, conflicted prioress (Wild Justice, 2018, etc.) continues her mastery of the medieval, provides a mystery that's twisty but not impenetrable, and advances the ongoing story of the problematic sexual relationships of the continuing cast."
God's plan for a medieval prioress evidently requires her to solve tricky crimes. Read full book review >
WILD JUSTICE by Priscilla Royal
Released: Feb. 6, 2018

"Not the best mystery by Royal (The Proud Sinner, 2017, etc.), but still a good read for fans of medieval history and anyone interested in problems surprisingly relevant to modern life."
A dutiful visit puts a clever prioress and her companions in a dangerous situation. Read full book review >
THE PROUD SINNER by Priscilla Royal
Released: Feb. 7, 2017

"Royal's 13th medieval murder (Land of Shadows, 2016, etc.) takes a page from The Mousetrap, forcing the detective to think outside the box imprisoning her and her suspects."
A medieval prioress with a talent for solving murders suddenly has far too many for comfort. Read full book review >
LAND OF SHADOWS by Priscilla Royal
Released: Feb. 2, 2016

"Readers entranced by Royal's vivid historical descriptions will have an altogether easier time than Eleanor with its elementary mystery."
Death lurks behind every door in medieval England. Read full book review >
COVENANT WITH HELL by Priscilla Royal
Released: Dec. 3, 2013

"The wealth of historical information and the minutiae of daily life often upstage relatively weak mysteries in Eleanor's adventures (The Sanctity of Hate, 2012, etc.), but this one pulls in enough red herrings to keep even nonmedievalists interested."
A visit to a famous shrine entangles a prioress and her companion in murder and treason. Read full book review >
THE SANCTITY OF HATE by Priscilla Royal
Released: Dec. 4, 2012

"Royal's ninth (A Killing Season, 2011, etc.), though certainly not her best mystery, includes some fascinating historical information that may come as a surprise to many readers."
The death of an unpopular man exposes some ugly truths about the residents of Tyndal Village. Read full book review >
A KILLING SEASON by Priscilla Royal
Released: Oct. 1, 2011

"Royal's 13th-century mysteries (Valley of Dry Bones, 2010, etc.) are always full of historical detail but, as in this case, often telegraph the evildoer early in the story."
A cold and remote castle is the scene for a series of unexplained deaths. Read full book review >
VALLEY OF DRY BONES by Priscilla Royal
Released: Nov. 1, 2010

Prioress Eleanor investigates murder within her own priory walls in the latest installment of this long-running series (Chambers of Death, 2009, etc.). Read full book review >
CHAMBERS OF DEATH by Priscilla Royal
Released: Aug. 1, 2009

"The sixth of Royal's historical mysteries (Forsaken Soul, 2008, etc.) proceeds as slowly as the Middle Ages, but it keeps you guessing."
Lust and other deadly medieval sins. Read full book review >
FORSAKEN SOUL by Priscilla Royal
Released: Aug. 1, 2008

"Historical exposition and theological musings overwhelm the mystery in Royal's latest slice of life from 13th-century England (Sorrow Without End, 2007, etc.)."
When an unpopular villager is poisoned, the Prioress of Tyndal Priory once more puts her sleuthing skills to good use. Read full book review >
Released: June 1, 2007

"Royal's continuing saga of historical sleuths Eleanor and Thomas (Sorrow Without End, 2006, etc.) and their struggle to contain their inappropriate lust is a rousing tale."
An age-old story of lust, passion, greed and murder. Read full book review >