Books by Rachel Carson

Released: Nov. 2, 1998

Biographer Lear (Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature, 1997) knits together here a number of Rachel Carson's writings—often much more personal, quirky, and searching than her celebrated books—that add meat to her body of literary/scientific writing. Read full book review >

Released: March 20, 1995

A profusion of artful letters, the greater part from the mellifluous pen of Carson, detailing everyday life while writing The Edge of the Sea and Silent Spring. Read full book review >

THE SENSE OF WONDER by Rachel Carson
Released: Oct. 6, 1965

"Her calm contemplations are seconded by 100 photographs, 32 in full color, and not seen here, but sure encouragement to wonder and rejoice in earth, Sea and sky."
A fraction of Rachel Carson's legacy comes to parents in this article-length text assuring them of the life-long benefits to be gathered for the child awakened early to the beauties of nature. Read full book review >
SILENT SPRING by Rachel Carson
Released: Sept. 27, 1962

It should come as no surprise that the gifted author of The Sea Around Us and its successors can take another branch of science—that phase of biology indicated by the term ecology—and bring it so sharply into focus that any intelligent layman can understand what she is talking about. Read full book review >

THE EDGE OF THE SEA by Rachel Carson
Released: Oct. 26, 1955

"Once again a poet speaks."
The Sea Around Us and Under the Sea-Wind introduced Rachel Carson to a reading public eager to welcome a scientist who wrote like a poet. Read full book review >
THE SEA AROUND US by Rachel Carson
Released: July 2, 1951

"Chapters from this book were condensed into a profile of the sea for the New Yorker Miss Carson, who is also the author of has given us an exquisitely imaginative book, rooted in first rate scholarship, in a field that has not been over-explored."
A wonderfully effective little volume about the world's last frontier of mystery and darkness,- the great oceans, in which the author proves herself both scientist and stylist. Read full book review >
UNDER THE SEA-WIND by Rachel Carson
Released: Nov. 1, 1941

"And there is special emphasis on skimmers, sandpipers, the life span of mackerel and the eel."
Ten years of experience in studies of ocean life are objectively translated into a sort of composite marine portrait, — a book for the Donald Culross Peattie market rather than the Beebe market. Read full book review >