Books by Rachel Kadish

RACHEL KADISH’s short fiction and essays have appeared in Story, Zoetrope, and Tin House, and have been anthologized in Lost Tribe: Jewish Fiction from the Edge and The Modern Jewish Girl’s Guide to Guilt, among other publications. Kadish, a graduate of P

THE WEIGHT OF INK by Rachel Kadish
Released: June 6, 2017

"Chock-full of rich detail and literary intrigue."
A mysterious collection of papers hidden in a historic London home sends two scholars of Jewish history on an unforgettable quest. Read full book review >
TOLSTOY LIED by Rachel Kadish
Released: Sept. 1, 2006

"No real surprises, but some essential satisfactions."
Kadish's second (after From a Sealed Room, 1998) is a conventional modern romance, complete with life lessons, wry comedy and a supporting cast of best friends. Read full book review >
FROM A SEALED ROOM by Rachel Kadish
Released: Oct. 12, 1998

"The tale doesn't need, and can—t sustain, the larger geopolitical and historical implications that are added to it."
A first novel sets the youthful ordeals of Maya, an idealistic and somewhat imperceptive American student at Israel's Hebrew University, against both the historical and contemporary struggles of Western Jews. Read full book review >