Books by Rand Flem-Ath

Released: March 13, 2001

"Intriguing theories, long on speculation and short on hard evidence."
An exhaustively detailed argument that the legendary lost city was located just north of what is today Antarctica and that its highly evolved citizens traveled the world building and mapping sacred sites from Egypt to Mexico. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 1, 1995

"The Flem-Aths go well beyond their evidence to locate Atlantis in Antarctica, and the basis of their speculations, including the ancient sea maps and Hapgood's theory of catastrophic crust displacement, must await a more sober and rigorous assessment. (23 maps and line drawings)"
Overly audacious ruminations about the lost civilization of Atlantis from two Canadian librarians, based on disparate facts and near-facts derived from mythology, literature, geology, and cartography. Read full book review >