Books by Raymond Postgate

SOMEBODY AT THE DOOR  by Raymond Postgate
Released: Dec. 5, 2017

"Less original than Verdict of Twelve, and marred here and there by dated political satire, but still clever, absorbing, and wide-ranging: another welcome rediscovery by the British Library Crime Classics."
As war hangs over England, a town councilor staggers into his home in Croxburn after what seemed a perfectly ordinary train ride from Euston Station and dies of mysterious causes in this reprint, first published in 1943. Read full book review >
VERDICT OF TWELVE by Raymond Postgate
Released: Oct. 3, 2017

"The results of Postgate's probing eye, by turns psychological and sociological, are richly and rewardingly ironic, right down to the indelibly understated final speech. A classic reprint you can't afford to miss."
This reprint of Postgate's celebrated 1940 debut, which examines the impact of individual jury members' lives and opinions on the outcome of a murder case, is the first entry in Poisoned Pen's British Library Crime Classics to actually live up to the series title. Read full book review >