Books by R.D. Zimmerman

OUTBURST by R.D. Zimmerman
Released: Oct. 15, 1998

"As in Todd's hardcover debut, Hostage (1997), the clever mystery is completely overshadowed by Zimmerman's high-intensity look at the dark side of sexual politics—in this case, the plight of Kris Kenney, stigmatized and despised by both straights and gays as beyond the pale. (Author tour)"
It's been six weeks since Todd Mills's last big story for WLAK-TV in Minneapolis, and since the pressure is on him to justify his A-list salary, he's willing to follow a fishy tip to meet an anonymous blackmail victim in the middle of Stone Arch Bridge. Read full book review >
HOSTAGE by R.D. Zimmerman
Released: Nov. 1, 1997

"Veteran Zimmerman (Red Trance, 1994, etc.), as if knowing this high-concept snatch has nowhere to go, punches up Mills's hardcover debut with such ferocity and horrific physical detail that it transcends its pulpish story to become a full-throated howl of anger and pain."
Desperate to dramatize the plight of AIDS victims and furious at homophobic Congressman Johnny Clariton—whose presidential speeches, identifying AIDS as a punishment for immoral behavior, are calling for a moratorium on government assistance for AIDS sufferers and research into a possible cure- -three friends in the terminal stages of the illness kidnap the Congressman from a fund-raiser, planning to videotape themselves as they tell him how they contracted the HIV virus and guarantee his sympathy for AIDS research by injecting him with their blood before they turn him loose. Read full book review >
RED TRANCE by R.D. Zimmerman
Released: July 25, 1994

"Though Maddie's hypnotherapy sessions provide a mystery formula that guarantees thrills and chills, no matter how empty, Zimmerman (Blood Trance, 1993, etc.) overreaches himself this time in his search for a still more amazing climax, making this the weakest of the Maddie and Alex yarns to date."
BLOOD TRANCE by R.D. Zimmerman
Released: June 22, 1993

"The sustained note of hysteria keeps your blood pumping while preventing you from taking any of it seriously."
When she gets a letter from her agoraphobic former patient Loretta Long begging for help in ``a matter of life and death,'' blind, paraplegic hypnotist/psychologist Maddy Phillips (Death Trance, 1992) sends her brother Alex to Chicago to help Loretta. Read full book review >
DEATH TRANCE by R.D. Zimmerman
Released: Oct. 26, 1992

"First, if you can believe it, of a series starring Maddy."
Edgar-nominated Zimmerman (Mindscream, Deadfall in Berlin) frames this thin, jumpy whodunit with a clever premise: Alex Phillips's blind, paraplegic older sister Madeline, a psychologist retired to an island in Lake Michigan, uses hypnosis to walk him attentively through his memories of the last days he spent with his onetime lover Toni— Dr. Antoinette Domingo—before her murder. Read full book review >