Books by Reading Is Fundamental

Released: Aug. 1, 2005

No publication could be more fitting to honor the 40th anniversary of RIF than this elegantly designed, splendid homage to the joy of reading. Forty illustrators have chosen a classic book from their childhood and visually re-imagined it. On the recto, the artist describes his or her remembrance of the favorite book beside a photo of the individual and the book's original cover while the verso presents the illustrator's full-page reinterpretation. The result is a passionate tribute to the significance of books in children's lives. From the vivid, bold art of Lois Ehlert to the simplicity of Dick Bruna to the accordion-fold recreation by Chris Raschka, the randomly arranged entries individually carry a punch, but collectively they pack a wallop. Front and back matter include a forward by Leonard Marcus, a letter from the RIF President and a short paragraph about each illustrator. Fred Marcellino's cat and mouse reading together is a perfect cover and raises the curtain on this fascinating, royal appreciation and celebration of children's books, one that will excite children's literature mavens and inspire parents and teachers. (Nonfiction. All ages)Read full book review >