Books by Rebecca Brown

THE END OF YOUTH by Rebecca Brown
Released: May 15, 2003

"Still, the emotion here is real, if obscured and muted by a cloud of emotion."
Thirteen stories/essays paint a nostalgic portrait of a family that, despite a certain intimacy, feels very far away. Read full book review >
WHAT KEEPS ME HERE by Rebecca Brown
Released: Sept. 11, 1996

"Her tales match a highly original imagination with style and intelligence. (Author tour)"
Brown has published novels and short fiction, but her special strength seems to be the short story, as this, her third collection (The Gifts of the Body, 1994, etc.), suggests. Read full book review >
THE GIFTS OF THE BODY by Rebecca Brown
Released: Oct. 1, 1994

"Guilt-inducing for those who expect good writing and find themselves yawning over people's deathbeds. (Author tour)"
Brown (The Children's Crusade, not reviewed) relates this slow, doleful tale of a home-care volunteer for people with AIDS in an unsentimental voice that treats illness and dying with a sort of reverence—but which also fails to generate much interest. Read full book review >
ANNIE OAKLEY'S GIRL by Rebecca Brown
Released: June 15, 1993

"Imagistic, edgy fictions about postmodern longing in a world off its screws—and where sadness seems to be a woman's only fate."
Brown's fourth (The Terrible Girls, 1992, etc.) mixes fantasy, conjecture, and some realism in seven stories that feature atmospheric neo-feminist allegories and fables. Read full book review >
Released: July 31, 1992

"With her stainless-steel prose, Brown surgically dissects ambivalent hearts—and also those that pulse with the love that here never speaks its name."
A debut collection of eight stories—by the American author of The Haunted House (1986) and The Children's Crusade—that was first published two years ago in England. Read full book review >