Books by Rebecca Goldstein

PROPERTIES OF LIGHT by Rebecca Goldstein
Released: Aug. 29, 2000

"Not as profound as it aspires to be, but great fun for those who like to match wits against a tricky author practicing some masterful sleight-of-hand."
Sex and physics turn out to have a lot in common in the latest from Goldstein (Mazel, 1995, etc.), who depicts the tortured passions of three scientists trying to restore meaning to a relativistic universe. Read full book review >
MAZEL by Rebecca Goldstein
Released: Oct. 1, 1995

"Goldstein (The Mind-Body Problem, 1983, etc.) draws heavily on the themes and rhythms of Yiddish folklore while offering her own sparkling wit and philosophical insight, as always, along the way."
Goldstein expands on a story in her collection, Strange Attractors (1992), in this lively exploration of the ways chance intermingles with determinism in human lives. Read full book review >
STRANGE ATTRATORS by Rebecca Goldstein
Released: March 1, 1993

"Goldstein breaks no new ground in exploring again the paradoxes and implications of mind-body duality—but she develops her theme with such wit and imagination, in styles ranging from gothic to folkloric, that her readers will not mind going along for another ride."
The author of The Mind-Body Problem (1983) and The Dark Sister (1991) again probes the relationship between female intellect and emotion—this time in a sparkling, erudite collection in which brilliant women's minds dictate their romantic attachments while their gender continues to dictate their fate. Read full book review >
THE DARK SISTER by Rebecca Goldstein
Released: July 1, 1991

One of those almost too-clever and erudite novels about identity and the nature of women that challenge the head, but neglect the heart, by novelist and philosophy teacher Goldstein (The Mind-Body Problem, The Late Summer Passions of a Woman of Mind). Read full book review >

It's an old theme—the stuffed shirt who learns to loosen the collar buttons; the Sleeping Beauty who wakes up to life. Read full book review >