Books by Rebecca Tope

THE STING OF DEATH by Rebecca Tope
Released: Aug. 31, 2004

"Inventive lies and complex relationships lift the plot above average, though few readers will accept the reasons Tope (A Death to Record, 2003, etc.) offers why her amateur sleuths should be involved in murder."
Drew Slocombe, proprietor of England's only naturopathic burial grounds, and his assistant Maggs outguess local copper Den Cooper in a case nobody seems particularly interested in. Read full book review >
A DEATH TO RECORD by Rebecca Tope
Released: June 12, 2003

"The abrupt wrap-up is a stretch, but dairy life is rendered so faithfully you can smell the cow pats."
Finally, a mystery that dares to ask which is harder: losing your girl or pretending to be sorry when her new lover becomes the prime suspect in a murder case. Read full book review >
GRAVE CONCERNS by Rebecca Tope
Released: June 24, 2002

"Solid plotting, but it would have helped to have someone above the age of three to root for."
Funeral director Drew Slocombe (Dark Undertakings, 2001, etc.), hard up for funds, bickering with his wife, and determined to make a go of his new venture—England's only naturopathic burial grounds—is horrified to learn when his part-time gravedigger unearths the evidence that someone conducted an unauthorized interment on his property quite a while ago. Read full book review >
Released: June 1, 2001

"Though the plot is hampered from the get-go by Slocombe's inexplicable interfering, Tope (A Dirty Death, 2000) shows admirable zest and humor in relating everyone in the village to everyone else, à la Six Degrees of Separation, and demonstrates a winsome way with every last village soul."
Bradbourne, a small English village where every bloke stands his neighbors to a round at the pub and gossips about them the moment they leave, is suddenly minus one resident when Jim Lapsford, noted middle-aged printer/philanderer, dies in the night, apparently of a heart attack. Read full book review >
A DIRTY DEATH by Rebecca Tope
Released: June 1, 2000

"The surprising if not entirely credible solution, when it comes, is a weak spot in a deftly written, thoroughly entertaining story that will have discerning readers eagerly hoping for a sequel."
An absorbing first novel set at the Redstone, an English dairy farm, where one early morning young Lilah Beardon finds her father Guy drowned in the slurry pit. Read full book review >