Books by Régis Faller

POLO by Régis Faller
Released: Dec. 1, 2006

The resourceful flop-eared pup with the bottomless backpack, introduced in The Adventures of Polo (2006), sets out on a new odyssey when a stick-limbed, pea-like interloper scampers off with his bedtime reading. Without words and with exquisite comic timing, Faller propels his determined pursuer headlong on a merry chase across "lands" of cloud, snow, sand and cotton candy, across seas, through a mirror, on flights by balloon and kite. Along the way, Polo acquires a penguin and other traveling companions, meets a princess and a genie and escapes one predicament after another—usually by entirely improbable means. Catching up at last, he sees the "thief" putting its swag to good use with an audience of rapt listeners, and shepherds the lot back to his floating home, where all (plus some characters from the previous outing) gather beneath the stars for snacks and fireworks. Illustrated with bright, clear colors and narrated in comic strip-style panels, this roller coaster ride is an unalloyed delight. Are there more episodes to come? Let's hope so. (Graphic fiction. 5-10) Read full book review >
Released: May 1, 2006

Clad in jacket and short pants, a dot-eyed, flop-eared spaniel sets out for a stroll that takes him from the bottom of the sea to an exotic planet, and many points between. In this nearly wordless import, cinematically "narrated" in sequential panels of various size, little Polo travels by cloud, boat, glider and balloon, finds a star in a treasure chest on the ocean floor, pauses to roast hot dogs by a lava flow, joins a monkey band for a quick tune, frees an imprisoned snowman, travels into space with a feline companion met along the way and many other such exploits, before returning home at last to relax in the shade with a book. Drawn with simple lines and bright colors, the art has plenty of eye appeal, and even very young children will have no trouble following this smiling, nearly imperturbable pooch from adventure to adventure—both here and on his inventively interactive website. (Picture book. 4-6)Read full book review >