Books by Renée Manfredi

ABOVE THE THUNDER by Renée Manfredi
Released: Jan. 5, 2004

"Longer and rather more drawn out than it needs to be, but a good account of friendship and loss, freshly narrated with a minimum of stereotypes and some sharply drawn characters."
The slow emotional thaw of a 53-year-old widow who manages to reorder her life post-husband, thanks to a troubled granddaughter and an embittered AIDS patient. Read full book review >
WHERE LOVE LEAVES US by Renée Manfredi
Released: Jan. 31, 1994

"Daring and interesting, but also long and overly detailed, without a crowning message."
Nine intricately configured stories—many about fathers and daughters on the Italian south side of Pittsburgh in the 1960's—by 1993 Iowa Short Fiction Award co-winner Manfredi (see Williford, below). Read full book review >