Books by Rhea Galanaki

Released: Sept. 9, 1996

The Life Of Ismail Ferik Pasha ($29.95; Sept. 9, 1996; 166 pp.; 0- 7206-0965-8): A compact historical novel based on the real life of its title character, a Cretan revolutionary captured during his country's struggle (in 186668) for independence from Greece. Taken to Egypt and raised as a Muslim, the eponymous Ismail becomes a respected military commander—and must participate, many years later, in an attack on his native land, which brings him to a painful reunion with his beloved brother and an even more painfully ironic resolution of his long search ``to discover in my life some focus impervious to change.'' Despite its penchant for summary and profusion of vivid battle scenes, Galanaki's memorable novel succeeds best as an acute and sympathetic study of a divided and guilty personality. Read full book review >