Books by Rhoda Lerman

Released: June 5, 1996

"Though much of the book is overly subjective and intensely speculative, it should be of interest to Newfie lovers and devoted breeders; otherwise of limited appeal."
A highly romanticized account of life with six jumbo-size Newfoundland dogs and a litter of newborn Newfie pups, as told by longtime novelist Lerman (Animal Acts, 1994; God's Ear, 1989; etc.). ``This is a book about the dogs who look steadfastly into my eyes and move their lips in vowel shapes, speaking to me as I speak to them, because they want to be like me, because their life's work is not to be dog, but to be human,'' says Lerman on the opening page. Read full book review >
ANIMAL ACTS by Rhoda Lerman
Released: May 1, 1994

"A little didactic when Lerman talks about men and women as different species, but not enough to weigh down this otherwise effortlessly profound tale."
Put this in the ``We haven't seen this topic before'' category: A woman finds herself only after she leaves her husband and her lover for a gorilla. Read full book review >

After a couple of ambitious but disappointing outings (The Book of the Night, 1984; Eleanor, 1979), Lerman triumphs with the story of a Jewish insurance salesman, conned by his dead father's ghost into ministering to the spiritual needs of a congregation of losers and crazies. Read full book review >