Books by Rhonda Pollero

Rhonda Pollero sold her first romantic suspense, LEGAL TENDER, in 1993 under the pen name Kelsey Roberts. With millions of copies in print, her books are distributed worldwide. Rhonda has penned more than 20 novels; won numerous awards and nominations;

BARGAIN HUNTING by Rhonda Pollero
Released: Oct. 30, 2012

"An uneven mystery fails a charming, amateur detective."
The third in Pollero's Finley Anderson Tanner mystery series has Finley finding love, bargains and bullets flying her way. Read full book review >
Released: April 17, 2012

"Lots of shopping, lots of steam, and if you don't blink, you might catch the mystery."
A trust-fund reject fights a crush on her hot boss by developing an even bigger crush on an even hotter private investigator. Read full book review >
KNOCK OFF by Rhonda Pollero
Released: March 6, 2007

"Finley's firm sense of priorities and laser-accurate descriptions of the most banal circumstances will make readers eager for an encore."
Romance writer Pollero spins the hilarious tale of a paralegal whose loyalty to a client imperils her bargain-chasing. Read full book review >