Books by Richard Goldstein

For years RICHIE G was the "Mister" of "MR. & MRS. YOUPORN." Richie and his wife Randi were founders of -- the biggest, baddest hardcore video site on the World Wide Web. But every cool career has its start somewhere. Long before he became Mr. YouPorn... long before the World Wide Web was even woven... Richie G was a night-shift cab driver prowling the steamy streets of San Francisco -- Birthplace Of The Sexual Revolution! Richie belonged to an elite -- and over-sexed -- cabbie crew calling themselves the Horn-Dog-Drivers… cabbies who swapped tall tales of their evening's erotic adventures. Some tales were taller than others…. But ONE driver's war stories were the wildest. To protect the innocent (or not so innocent), Richie created the fictional driver, Frankie Morello, to represent the sexual adventures of the biggest, baddest, and most successful cunt man cabbie in the garage.