Books by Richard Harton

WITHOUT RESERVE by Richard Harton
Released: Jan. 14, 1994

"Not for Anglophobes, then, but the antique humor provides a harmless pastime for others."
Harton (Under the Hammer, 1991) expands on his adventures as auctioneer of antique art objects and portrayer of English music- hall comic characters. Read full book review >
UNDER THE HAMMER by Richard Harton
Released: July 19, 1991

"Harton is an amusing writer with many lively tales to tell, but he often overplays his hand and his observations lack depth."
The fitfully entertaining adventures of an Englishman who enters the auction business expecting to find a hushed, cultured environment filled with fine gentlemen and women, and instead finds a quirky world peopled with myriad colorful characters. Read full book review >