Books by Richard Lee Marks

Released: Sept. 14, 1993

"A rousing but thoughtful account of an Old World warrior in conflict with ancient civilizations whose virtues, shortcomings, and cruelties were substantively different from those of his own culture. (Twenty photographs)"
A marvelously engrossing biography of Hern†n CortÇs (1485- 1547) that brings the intrepid conquistador and his exploits to vivid life. Read full book review >
THREE MEN OF THE BEAGLE by Richard Lee Marks
Released: April 17, 1991

"True, there are accounts of incredible personalities, brave missionaries, and skilled sea captains, but the whole saga smacks of a very b&w late-night movie."
The three men are Charles Darwin, Beagle Captain Robert FitzRoy, and a Tierra del Fuegian island Yahgan Indian taken hostage, along with several others, on an earlier Beagle voyage. Read full book review >