Books by Richard Orr

THE BIRD ATLAS by Barbara Taylor
Released: Oct. 1, 1993

A handsome oversize pictorial atlas that will fly off the shelf. Nearly 270 of the world's 9,000 bird species are meticulously illustrated in color and arranged by continental regions, with an introduction to climate, topography, and typical birds for each. Boxes and inserts provide maps, photos, and a sampling of facts (the tiniest bird, fastest runner, largest lake). Birds from major habitats within the different regions are described and illustrated on double spreads that include common and scientific names, size, and range. But occasional generalizations are so awkwardly phrased that their meaning is muddled (``These tiny birds [Dovekie] look like penguins of the Antarctic because they live and feed in a similar way''). Still, a mostly dramatic, visually striking book for nature browsers. Index. (Nonfiction. 8- 14) Read full book review >