Books by Richard Scrimger

WEERDEST DAY EVER! by Richard Scrimger
Released: Sept. 20, 2016

"An unconventional narrator steals the show. (Fiction. 9-12)"
A missing sword, a cow, a one-armed man, and a first crush all combine to make this camping trip the weerdest ever. Read full book review >
DOWNSIDE UP by Richard Scrimger
Released: Sept. 13, 2016

"An ambitious, touching work that goes a step too far. (Fantasy. 9-12)"
A boy deals with his grief. Read full book review >
THE WOLF AND ME by Richard Scrimger
Released: Oct. 1, 2014

"Readers will respond to this improbable, deeply sympathetic hero. (Mystery. 10-14)"
Fifteen-year-old Bunny is no stranger to trouble. In fact, most of his recent trouble can be traced back to his mysterious grandfather David McLean. Read full book review >
Released: May 13, 2014

"A thrilling and imaginative reminder that adventure and magic can be found anywhere, especially where one least expects it—and even if your mother texts you incessantly. (Fantasy/steampunk. 8-12)"
A harmonious blend of narrative and intertwined graphic sequences finds two preteens at a comics convention closer to the action than they ever imagined. Read full book review >
INK ME by Richard Scrimger
Released: Oct. 10, 2012

"Most intellectually disabled characters in children's fiction are siblings or pals whose treatment by other characters signals their compassion or otherwise. Bunny's a rare hero—not on anyone's journey but his own. (Fiction. 10-14)"
Meet Bunny (short for Bernard) O'Toole—mentally slow, physically strong and fast—the observant, nonjudgmental narrator of this convoluted but enjoyable fable of Toronto gang life recorded in believable, phonetically spelled prose. Read full book review >
ME & DEATH by Richard Scrimger
Released: April 13, 2010

"A better choice is Gary Soto's lyrical, melancholic The Afterlife (2003). (Fantasy. 12 & up)"
An uninspired send-up of A Christmas Carol. Read full book review >
PRINCESS BUN BUN by Richard Scrimger
Released: May 7, 2002

"This is a light but involving read that nicely portrays how a child can affect her environment for it is Winifred's aplomb and fancy that keeps the situation from turning panicky. (Picture book. 3-6)"
What begins as a visit to Uncle Dave's new condominium, turns into an almost-magical adventure at the Castle Apartments. Read full book review >