Books by Rick Brown

Released: Sept. 1, 2009

The term "Boker Tov"—"Good Morning" in Hebrew, is introduced in this jaunty jingle created and sung by Rabbi Black with an accompanying guitar on the enclosed CD. A little boy shadowed by his scruffy happy pup is encouraged to rise feeling the joy of what each new day can bring. Thanking God for food, the earth, the sunshine and the surprise of each new morning, the little boy dresses, eats and goes to school to enjoy the rest of the day. Brown's deeply colored acrylic paintings offer secular scenes of a multicultural and multiracial neighborhood full of cookie-cutter, round-faced, wide-grinned children all expressing carefree anticipation of the new day's wonderful possibilities. The universal theme of starting fresh each new day with a positive attitude overshadows the sacred theme of morning prayers, and while it certainly expresses a positive sentiment, it may not be the most useful book for religious curricula. (Picture book/religion. 3-5)Read full book review >
THE PRINCESS AND THE POTTY by Wendy Cheyette Lewison
Released: March 15, 1994

S&S offers two useful new takes on the potty picture this March: Young's judicious realism (below) and this more imaginative—and candid—tale of a princess who rejects a parade of fancy potties (``a musical potty...a potty that glowed in the dark'') proffered by her anxious parents and subjects, with the royal aplomb of a grown-up princess rejecting suitors. To the hilarity of the court, the king and queen demonstrate (no bottoms bared), while the royal wise man opines that ``the princess will use the potty when it pleases her.'' But the queen's gambit is the one that proves efficacious: provided with gorgeous new pantalettes like her mother's, the princess doesn't want to go back to her diaper; and suddenly, whichever potty is nearest ``pleases'' her. Brown's broadly humorous illustrations, deftly limned in heavy broken lines with bright color added, are right in the spirit of a lighthearted story with sensible messages for tots and parents alike. (Picture book. 3-6) Read full book review >