Books by Rita Phillips Mitchell

HUE BOY by Rita Phillips Mitchell
Released: May 1, 1993

In her first book, a native of Belize depicts a happy, well- adjusted boy with only one problem: in his village, his small size is ``big news.'' Mama urges him to eat; Gran gives him big clothes to grow into; a neighbor suggests stretching exercises; the ``wisest man,'' the doctor, and the healer are consulted, but, still, Hue Boy doesn't grow ``at all, at all.'' But when tall papa, who's been away on the ship where he works, finally comes home, he doesn't even mention Hue Boy's size—and then Hue Boy ``walked tall, with his head held high...And he didn't feel small at all, at all.'' The simple, engaging story conveys its message quietly, but effectively. Binch's glowing watercolors touch on details of life in a coastal Caribbean village while focusing on vibrant characterizations of its inhabitants. Like Hoffman's Amazing Grace (also illustrated by Binch, 1991), an extraordinarily warm portrait of a black child with a strongly positive self-image. (Picture book. 4-9) Read full book review >