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R.J. Pineiro is an 22-year veteran of the computer industry, where he works on leading-edge microprocessors. He is the author of several internationally-acclaimed novels, including, Firewall, Cyberterror, Shutdown, Breakthrough, Exposure, a

Released: Nov. 16, 2018

"Zigzagging plot rife with suspense and character detail."
A man becomes entangled in a conspiracy of murder and deceit with ties to a years-old murder charge for which he received an acquittal in Pineiro's (co-author, with Joe Weber: Ashes of Victory, 2018, etc.) thriller. Read full book review >
FIREWALL by R.J. Pineiro
Released: March 1, 2001

"Big fun and fast-paced. For all nerds."
Computer thriller by a master programmer who has given us Breakthrough (1997), about a revolutionary new chip that uses bacterial proteins to fabricate a reproducible molecular memory. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 1, 1997

The development of a revolutionary new computer chip by a Silicon Valley scientist puts him and his colleagues in mortal peril from the US and German governments—in a suspenseful, transnational thriller from Pineiro (Exposure, 1996, etc.). After four years of effort, Jake Fischer's fledgling firm (Fischer Technology, Inc.) fabricates a reproducible molecular memory device (built from bacterial proteins) whose speed and processing power could make obsolete conventional semiconductors. Mindful the BND has a man inside FTI, the FBI keeps the company under surveillance as well. Whereas Berlin wants to purloin the breakthrough to jump-start a united Germany's flagging economy, Washington plans to delay its market introduction by a decade or more to ensure an orderly programmed transition that would salvage the investments of domestic circuit suppliers. Meanwhile, the Germans recruit Vladimir Titov-Escobar (a.k.a. ``Kardinal''), a Stasi veteran who moves fast, burning FTI's California lab to the ground, kidnapping Sergei Lyevenski (the company's chief technical officer), and making off with a computer tape detailing the protein chip's technology. Although special agent Sonya WÅttenberg (also an old Stasi hand) is powerless to stop this raid, the FBI tracks the terrorist to Paris, where he's to collect his fee in return for Sergei and the tape. The feds stage an 11th-hour ambush, and the Russian ÇmigrÇ (a former KGB officer) escapes in the confusion— with the payoff ($25.0 million in securities as well as cash) and the tape. While Sergei dodges his erstwhile captors in the back alleys of Montmartre, Sonya browbeats Jake into letting her use him as bait. Once in the City of Lights, Jake proves himself a good man under fire. With a little help from hardnosed Sonya, the amateur operative leads the increasingly desperate Kardinal and his murderous crew a merry chase, as does the resourceful Sergei (with whom he's linked up). The threesome eventually survives a climactic confrontation in the Bois de Boulogne. A rough-and-tumble entertainment with violent action and plot twists aplenty. Read full book review >
EXPOSURE by R.J. Pineiro
Released: Sept. 1, 1996

The inexplicable meltdown of a nuclear power plant in Arizona, which kills 15,000 and exposes 400,000 more to potentially lethal doses of radiation, gets this taut damsel-in-distress entertainment from Pineiro (Retribution, 1995) off to a bang-up start. Four months after the reactor disaster, Pamela Sasser (a Ph.D. candidate in computer engineering) discovers flaws in the design of the Perseus microprocessor used in the control systems at the plant and shares the knowledge with her mentor, Professor Eugene LaBlanche. He informs Microtel, the chip's manufacturer, that its prize product has a bug. Determined to avert disclosures that could wipe out the multinational electronics company he founded, Preston Sinclaire begins masterminding a bloody cover-up. An influential member of the military/industrial complex, the venal CEO calls on the Defense Intelligence Agency for help. It arrives in the person of Harrison Beckett, a contract hit man who quickly dispatches LaBlanche and takes out after Pam (whose backup diskette is the last bit of evidence that could incriminate Sinclaire). Unbeknownst to the principals, FBI agent Esther Cruz (who's pursuing leads on another matter) becomes a player. Her presence upsets several applecarts, and Harrison (an assassin with a heart of gold) becomes privy to Pam's knowledge of the Perseus defects. Now a marked man himself, he joins forces with his erstwhile prey in a meandering but eventful flight. The two escape assaults by state troopers, as well as Sinclaire's vicious goons, and eventually reach the nation's capital, where Harrison is able to make contact with Cruz. The streetwise G-woman enlists the aid of her superiors in prosecuting Sinclaire. In a last-gasp effort to avoid ruin, however, Sinclaire abducts Pam, and Harrison must run one final and fearsome gauntlet before he can make a new life with his true love. A fast-paced thriller that cuts to the chase often and effectively enough to hustle most readers past the less plausible features of its road-race plot. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 1, 1995

Agents of Saddam Hussein nuke 40,000 Iraqi troops marching on Kuwaitand Baton Rouge, an over-the-top thriller that exposes the US to more high-tech perils than ever endured by Pauline of a Saturday matinee. At the outset, an enraged Saddam vows the Americans will pay for an air raid that destroyed a secret cache of atomic weapons destined to decimate Israel. With a helping hand from renegade Russians and a sinister Ecuadorian arms dealer, Iraqi operatives not only smuggle three pieces of high-yield ordinance into the US in aid of obliterating New York City, Washington, D.C., and Hope, Ark., but also move additional contraband from Ukraine to Tikrit (Saddam's hometown) for use against the hated Zionists. While the CIA and Mossad are hot on the trail of the bootleg bombs, they can't stop either their delivery or the impromptu detonation of a device that levels the Bayou State's capital. Company menveteran Donald Bane in Eurasia and young Kevin Dalton on the home frontstrive valiantly, meanwhile, to locate and defuse the remaining nukes. Bane is on his own, but Dalton (a former naval aviator who led the strike that so incensed Saddam) has the assistance of Khalela Yishaid, a lethal Israeli lovely on loan from Mossad. Bane makes his way to Tikrit, where at the 11th hour he manages to set off a chain reaction that reduces it to radioactive rubble. Stateside, Kevin and Khalela counter every move made by the Islamic zealots and their villainous confederates, saving America's great cities from nuclear winter. At the close, moreover, Saddam's own officer corps bring about his own comeuppance. Pineiro (Ultimatum, 1994, not reviewed) offers some riveting set pieces, e.g., on aerial combat between supersonic jets, but his overly eventful, implausible narrative spins far out of control long before it ends, not with a bang but with a whimper. Read full book review >