Books by Robert C. O'Brien

Z FOR ZACHARIAH by Robert C. O'Brien
Released: Feb. 18, 1975

"So, less convincingly so, is her abz naivete in a day and age which has just come to an end."
Z is for Zachariah, the last name in fifteen-year-old Ann Burden's Bible school alphabet book; it's also for zero population after nuclear bombs and nerve gas seem to have destroyed everyone in the world except Ann in her Amish country valley (her family left it and seem singularly unregretted but then Ann is one of those unthinking practical types) who is making it alone with her brother's dog Faro, with their cow, chickens, the diminishing supplies from the store and her garden. Read full book review >
A REPORT FROM GROUP 17 by Robert C. O'Brien
Released: March 27, 1972

"Just as it should be — congealing and urgently convincing and you'll be turning the pages with bitten fingernails."
This bonafide nerve-end entertainment, an Andromeda Strain variant, takes place on the Potomac behind the iron gates of the Villa Petrograd where Schutz, a former Nazi experimenter-exterminator currently employed by the Russians, is working on some viral horror which can filter through the waters to the capital. Read full book review >