Books by Robert Hunter

WORLD OF OCEANS by Claire Grace
Released: July 9, 2019

"A lackadaisical series also-ran with a poorly produced gimmick. (Informational novelty. 7-10)"
Profiles of 10 saltwater environments, with portraits of select wildlife and audio soundscapes. Read full book review >
THERMAGEDDON by Robert Hunter
Released: April 22, 2003

"'It took me years to stop smoking,' says Hunter. 'It will take a while to learn to stop climate-wrecking.' Though he probably won't reach the worst offenders, the author makes a good case for going cold turkey on Humvees, heated pools, and other deadly luxuries."
A credible warning of imminent ecological catastrophe, a nightmare brought about by greed, lies, denial, and inertia—to say nothing of SUVs. Read full book review >