Books by Robert Kakegamic

Released: April 15, 2009

This debut novel, told in free verse without anthropomorphism or sentiment, will rivet readers with its story of Wolf, a lone alpha male whose life partner was killed two years earlier by a black bear. Wolf appears in a small Canadian town, but, when its resident humans try to shoot him, he flees to relative safety in the wilderness along the Winisk River. At first Wolf snags a stag and feasts. He then attempts other kills, but he really can't take down large prey without help. Finding a female with cubs, he fights off two young male wolves to win a place in the pack. Readers will travel with the pack in search for food as they weather the severe cold of the Canadian forest. The few human characters—campers, hunters and assorted interlopers—provide a rich, added dimension to this survival tale. First Nations artist Kakegamic's spot illustrations offer muscular visual counterpoint to the compelling narrative. This eat-or-be-eaten tale of wolves and assorted anonymous human characters reveals a deep and resonant story about nature of both the wild and human sort. (Fiction. 8-14) Read full book review >