Books by Robert Koropp

SPACE CAMP by Annie Baird
Released: March 12, 1992

Billed as ``the Official U.S. Space Camp Book,'' this idealized, enthusiastic introduction to NASA's Huntsville, Alabama, camp features plenty of exclamation points and large, bright color photos, plus some insights (`` `How could [Apollo astronauts] take lying down for so long?' `They wanted to be there...more than they wanted to be comfortable. And they got to fly to the moon' ''). Baird and Koropp follow a group of 12-year- olds through the week-long program, catching them building model rockets to launch ``cricketnauts,'' studying their roles in preparation for a mock shuttle mission, and, after the graduation ceremony, thinking about the various lessons they've learned. The Schulke and McFee's Your Future in Space (1986) and Kim Long's Astronaut Training Book for Kids (1990) are still the books of choice on Space Camp; this is appealing, but readers who want to know more will be frustrated by the lack of a bibliography or an address list. (Nonfiction. 9-12) Read full book review >