Books by Robert L. Van de Castle

OUR DREAMING MIND by Robert L. Van de Castle
Released: Aug. 1, 1994

"For those eager to explore the land of dreams this is an amiable guide, with lots of leads on how to get more deeply involved; skeptics, however, will not be persuaded. (Book-of-the- Month alternate selection/Quality Paperback main selection)"
Despite its two-column, textbookish format, an unpedantic survey by a self-described ``dreamworker'' of how dreams have been regarded throughout history, with emphasis on the author's own experiences during 30 years of investigation into ``clear- seeing at night.'' The former director of the Sleep and Dream Laboratory at the University of Virginia Medical School, Van de Castle (who will be featured in a Discovery Channel series, ``Dreams,'' in August) argues ardently and articulately that dreams are a proper subject of scientific research. Read full book review >