Books by Robert M. Gates

Released: Jan. 19, 2016

"A concise distillation of more than five decades of leadership knowledge—good reading for all of the 2016 presidential candidates."
The former secretary of defense offers insights into being an effective leader. Read full book review >
DUTY by Robert M. Gates
Released: Jan. 14, 2014

"A smart and plainspoken—if sometimes obviously self-serving—insider's view of the military-industrial-governmental complex. Sure to spark plenty of discussion inside the Beltway."
Former Secretary of Defense Gates doesn't exactly bare all in this politically charged memoir, but he doesn't pull many punches, either. Read full book review >
Released: May 1, 1996

"A silent-service veteran's genuinely engrossing from-the- inside-out appraisal of an eventful period in the history of the US and the wider world. (Author tour)"
A career undercover man who reached the top of his furtive profession (as director of the CIA from late 1991 through early 1993), Gates sheds considerable light in this wide-angle memoir on the ways in which the craft of intelligence influenced government policy during the height of the Cold War. Read full book review >