Books by Robert MacNeil

Released: May 13, 2003

"In any case, there's not much Broadway razzle-dazzle in these extremely decorous pages, but MacNeil's seen enough to keep his reminiscences percolating."
A quarter-century after Wordstruck (1989), MacNeil returns to the memoir form to limn the slow accrual of character definitions, highlighted by critical historical episodes, which marked him as a newsman and shaped his journey from Canadian birth to US citizenship. Read full book review >
BREAKING NEWS by Robert MacNeil
Released: Nov. 1, 1998

"A zesty blend of froth and fury that, despite its unevenness, should be MacNeil's most commercial book yet. (Author tour)"
TV newsroom tell-all from the former PBS co-anchor. Read full book review >
THE VOYAGE by Robert MacNeil
Released: Oct. 1, 1995

"A lightweight but enjoyable read. (Author tour)"
Newsman MacNeil follows 1992's much-lauded Burden of Desire (1992) with this smoothly told if soap-operatic tale of a long and sweaty affair between a Canadian diplomat and a Caribbean fashion model. Read full book review >
BURDEN OF DESIRE by Robert MacNeil
Released: March 9, 1992

"MacNeil writes wonderfully well and has a great deal to say about intelligent, middle-class people trying to sort things out in the face of calamity."
PBS newsman MacNeil's first novel is about sex and war and love and loyalty and civic calamity in early 20th-century Halifax. Read full book review >
WORDSTRUCK: A Memoir by Robert MacNeil
Released: March 30, 1989

From the co-host of the MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour (author of The Right Place at the Right Time and The Story of English), a warm and embracing memoir of a childhood in Halifax, Nova Scotia, constantly touching upon the author's ongoing romance with the English language and its literature. Read full book review >