Books by Robert O. Bruel

BOB AND OTTO by Robert O. Bruel
Released: April 1, 2007

The Bruels explore the transformative power of friendship in this clever tale of a worm and a caterpillar. All spring, Bob and Otto explore, dig, play and eat leaves, until suddenly Bob gets the urge to climb a tree. Otto tries to talk him out of it, but Bob must go. A horizontal page-split then chronicles the activities of the two friends: Bob climbs, eats, sleeps and flies, while Otto digs. Eventually, the bonds of friendship pull the two back together. Feeling like a lowly worm, Otto chastises himself for just digging. But Bob's perspective is quite different; he appreciates his friend for nourishing the tree so he could become a butterfly. "You're not just a worm. You're my best friend." Brilliantly colored illustrations manage to convey energy and motion even though caterpillars and worms are not known for either. Just the right mix of worm's-eye view and big picture allows children to see that even small actions have an impact. Illustrated and published posthumously by Robert's son, Nick, this is a charming tribute to friendship and the stories all parents tell their children. (Picture book. 3-7)Read full book review >