Books by Robert Ornstein

Released: Oct. 1, 1997

"Accessible and provocative, but surely not the last word. (Author tour)"
From the author of The Evolution of Consciousness (1991) and other popular works on the human mind, a revealing account of his own and others' prior misunderstandings about the right and left brains, a concise summary of current knowledge, and some provocative speculations about the development and functioning of the two hemispheres. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 12, 1995

"The beauty of this book lies in the conjuring of those innovative moments, beautifully woven, entertaining vignettes that explain where the changes came from, the trouble they caused, and where they led."
A Cook's tour of humankind's great innovations and the glories and tribulations that came in their wake. Read full book review >
THE ROOTS OF THE SELF by Robert Ornstein
Released: Nov. 1, 1993

"Unusual roots, worth chewing on—but more weeding would have helped. (Illustrated with 40 cartoonish line drawings by Ted Dewan)"
From ebullient popular-science writer Ornstein (The Evolution of Consciousness, 1991, etc.): a theory of human nature, based on recent studies in child development, brain structure, personality, and genetics. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 1, 1991

"Yet another Cartesian stage manager, as Dennett might say?"
Writing with the same infectious enthusiasm that invests his much of his other work, Ornstein (coauthor, Healthy Pleasures, 1989; Multimind, 1986, etc.) replays familiar themes, adding some new twists. Read full book review >