Books by Robert R. McCammon

GONE SOUTH by Robert R. McCammon
Released: Oct. 1, 1992

"With its careening plot, jackhammer suspense, and very Dean Koontz-like upbeat moral gloss, then—a real crowd-pleaser."
If, in Boy's Life (1991), McCammon took a giant step away from horror (Mine, 1990, etc.) and toward his own potent brand of southern gothic, here he takes a daring leap—with a captivating but calculatedly eccentric fable of an outlaw Vietnam vet who learns about the power of redemption. Read full book review >
BOY'S LIFE by Robert R. McCammon
Released: Aug. 5, 1991

"Literary Guild Dual Selection for September)."
Midway through this enthralling ``fictography,'' as McCammon calls it, the young hero learns of a book ``about [a] town and the people in it...maybe there wasn't a real plot to it...but the book was about life...[it] was sweet and deep and left you wishing for more.'' That's a perfect description of McCammon's fictional autobiography as well, an exuberant celebration of childhood mystery and marvel that's a giant step apart from his popular horror/suspense novels (Mine, 1990, etc.). Read full book review >
THEY THIRST by Robert R. McCammon
Released: June 20, 1991

"Suspenseful, exciting, and visceral—Prince Vulkan of the vampires makes a particularly nasty impression—and a treat for new-found McCammon fans."
First hardcover edition of an early (1981) mass-market paperback by the increasingly popular and accomplished McCammon (see Boy's Life, reviewed above). Read full book review >