Books by Robin Bell Corfield

A CRACK IN THE CLOUDS by Constance Levy
Released: Nov. 1, 1998

These smal, winsome poems look hard at nature with the eyes of a child; the brief, clear-eyed tributes to the natural world often capture it with a flash of humor. In "Corn Smiles," Levy (A Tree Place, 1994, etc.) sees inside the ear of corn: "Corn teeth/in the widest grin." "Herb Garden" merrily rhymes "bouquet" with "gourmet," and "Jack-o'-Lantern" notes "you can't be any/oranger than that." A few poems play with shaped text on the page; sometimes there's a lesson: "Spiders never hesitate;/when there's work/they don't wait." A lovely addition to any poetry shelf. (b&w illustrations, not seen) (Poetry. 7-12) Read full book review >
DON'T BLAME ME! by Paul Rogers
Released: March 15, 1992

Just as Jethro is painting the finishing touches on the sign for the Jolly Sailor, Captain Crab jostles his ladder, causing an ugly black streak. Tearing after Crab to confront him, Jethro is met with an alibi: Crab was chasing his boat, adrift because a goat has just chewed through the rope. Pursuing his way up and down the steep streets of the Cornish village from one supposed miscreant to another, Jethro finally comes back to a first cause: himself—his paint dribbled on the best jacket of Mr. Herring, who, back on page one, exited the pub en route to his daughter's wedding. Mr. Herring had shouted, making the cat jump under the baker's boy's bike, etc., etc. It all makes an amusing way to tour this picturesque British seaside village and meet the locals, skillfully evoked in Corfield's detailed illustrations. An entertaining Rube Goldberg of a tall tale. (Picture book. 4-9) Read full book review >