Books by Robin Oz

Released: March 1, 1996

"This unfairness is neither noted directly by the author nor resolved, marring an otherwise lighthearted work. (b&w illustrations, not seen) (Fiction. 6-10)"
Calvin, a fairly ordinary boy, spends his afternoons among a cast of determined eccentrics. Ms. Eva, a jazz dancer, takes care of him after school, along with his brother, Monk, a precocious budding 7-year-old poet who acts like a little old man and carries bookishness to an extreme, and neighbor Jenny, who is practicing to become a magician. Read full book review >
THE FIGHT by Betty D. Boegehold
Released: Nov. 4, 1991

"(Easy reader. 4-8)"
In the ``Bank Street Ready-to-Read'' series (Level 2), a gentle fable about the origins of conflict, beginning in the manner of ``The House that Jack Built'': ``This is Dan who bumped [accidentally] into Fran, which started the fight in the schoolyard.'' One kid after another ricochets into the accumulating melee until a teacher trips on his way to sort things out and ends at the bottom of a pile of everybody concerned—after which they laudably (if not altogether realistically) figure out what really happened and admit that ``It was dumb!'': ``I used my fists and not my head.'' Good lesson, painlessly delivered in a catchy, cadenced text and relaxed, lighthearted illustrations that capture the story's humor. Read full book review >