Books by Roderic A. Camp

THE SUCCESSOR by Roderic A. Camp
Released: May 5, 1993

Dense thriller meant to explain Mexican political thought to Americans. Professor Kent Cornett, much like author Camp (Political Science/Tulane), has written several nonfiction books about Mexican politics. Here, it's 1999 and in a few months, at the turn of the millennium, Mexico is about to change presidents—an event usually brought about by the reigning president choosing his successor, who will inevitably be brought into office in the following election. Three high politicos are thought to be ripe choices for the presidency, but each has his own personal agenda that may well affect relations with the US. Kent is perhaps the leading scholar on the subject and has researched all the candidates thoroughly. In Mexico, the histories of politicians—unlike those of politicians in the States—are kept murky and indeed are supremely confidential information. But Kent has done his job too well and become a figure in the cross-hairs of assassination. Which possible presidential successor is out to kill him? Meanwhile, in the States, a secret governmental agency is also after Kent to reveal what he knows and has agents trailing him who successfully thwart a number of murder attempts. Widower Kent falls in love with beautiful divorcÇe Gina, and together they are on the run while Kent refines his information and seeks records to expose the killers. Little does he know, while bodies drop around him, that the Mexican plot is a sideshow to the real coup meant to take place in Honduras. Bouncy suspense and a satisfying love story—and readers will welcome Kent/Camp's sympathetic treatment of Mexicans, not only the poverty-stricken but also intellectuals. Read full book review >